Global Shapers Events

A platform for collaboration

The Global Shapers Community regularly organises events that allow members to meet and create synergy to respond to the challenges of climate change, education and inclusion.

Annual Curator Meeting

Each year, the curators (persons elected to head the Hub for one year) are invited to the World Economic Forum to exchange with their peers from around the world. The curators develop their leadership together and prepare for the next inter-Hub collaborations. This extraordinary event lays the foundations for the coming year.

Shape Events

Meetings are also organized by continental zones. They are open to all Shapers and enable the hubs to share and initiate the best solutions to meet the major challenges of their regions. These events are supported by the World Economic Forum.


Every year, 50 Global Shapers are selected to contribute to the Annual Meeting of Davos.


The Hubs regularly organize independent meetings called retreats. These allow participants to focus on more specific and/or local issues. It is an ideal opportunity to build relationships and launch joint projects.

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